Day 20

  Time   Speaker Title
10h Opening session
10h30 Liliana Oliveira
11h Coffee break
11h30 Anabela Morais The Mass Phobic Psychosis
12h15 Paulo Sargento Da Pandemia à Pandemonia
13h Lunch
14h Colin Alexander (zoom)
14h30 Jean Jacques Maurice Covid's Integrative Psychosomatics and Management
16h João Veloso (zoom) Ressignificar…
16h30 Coffee break
17h Laura Sanches Why have we stopped knowing how to protect children?
17h45 Andrew Lowenthal The 'anti-disinformation' industry and the capture of the digital rights movement
18h30 Michael P Senger (zoom) The Influence of the Chinese Communist Party on the Global Response to COVID-19
19h Gary Sidley The use of behavioral science 'nudges' by the British government during the covid era — the pernicious impact on mental well-being
19h45 Closing session
20h Conference dinner

Day 21

  Time   Speaker Title
10h Ana Moreira Integrative Medicine as a solution for the Future
10h45 Mark Miller (zoom)
11h Coffee break
11h30 Miguel Montenegro Zombie Nation: Better to chase than to be chased
12h15 Joana Amaral Dias Psyop - Special Psychological Operations: How attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are induced or reinforced in individuals and groups. Background, experiences, and future
13h Lunch
14h30 Josh Guetzkow Censorship and Suppression of Science: The Case of COVID-19
15h15 Cláudia Lopes The phenomenon of mass population adherence to restrictive measures and the biopsychosocial reactions to the pandemic COVID19: Operant Conditioning?
15h30 Manuel Domingos A Factual Approach to the Neuropsychological Aspects of COVID19: SYNDROMATIC DATA AND CRITICAL REFLECTIONS
16h Jordi Pigem Making Sense of Health and Life in an Age of Post-Truth and Cognitive Collapse
16h45 Coffee break Ressignificar…
17h15 Piers Robinson Propaganda in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice
18h Paul Tacker Thumbing Their Nose at the First Amendment: White House Censorship on Social Media
18h45 Mattias Desmmet Totalitarianism and The Art of Free Speech
19h30 Closing session